View personal story movies developed by youth and parents receiving services in our System of Care. Click here to view the movies.

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Learn about Children’s Behavioral Health Services in Monterey County. Click here to view a short movie.

Evaluation reports now available! Children and youth with mental health needs make substantial improvements at home, at school and in the community when served through systems of care that provide community-based services such as Monterey County’s System of Care: La Familia Sana/The Healthy Family. Click here for the most recent reports.

Monterey County’s System of Care:
La Familia Sana - The Healthy Family

A system of care is not a program — it is a philosophy of how care should be delivered. It is an approach to services that recognizes the importance of family, school and community, and seeks to promote the full potential of every child and youth by addressing their physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and social needs. Watch a short movie for more information!

About Us provides information about Monterey County’s System of Care and answers questions such as: Who is part of Monterey County’s System of Care? Why is it important? What is our Vision? What is our Mission? What are our Core Principles?

Personal Stories are shared by youth and families. Sometimes it may feel like you are all alone, but you are not. Many children, youth and families in our community share similar struggles, fears, questions, frustrations and hopes. Please view our “Digital Stories” and listen to the personal stories of other youth and parents impacted by mental health challenges.

The Resource Center offers information and resources organized into the following sections:

Contact Us for more information. This page featues a comprehensive listing of Children’s Behavioral Health locations, crisis phone numbers and contact information for system of care partner agencies. You can also contact us by filling out our contact form.

News, Media and Events showcases articles written about Monterey County’s System of Care, information about upcoming and past outreach events. Here you can also check out our latest TV and radio spots.